Monday, July 30, 2012

Wadi Mujib

Floating through the canyon
On Saturday we went trekking through Wadi Mujib, near the Dead Sea. These slot canyons are apparently much like the ones in southern Utah. Sadly, despite living there for a year, I never got south of Spanish Fork, UT....sad, I know. So we went climbing/canyoneering/bouldering/swimming through this canyon until we finally made it to the final waterfall. It was beautiful and so fun. Mostly because my legs were enjoying being bare. I miss shorts. So much.
After hanging out at the waterfall we headed back out of the canyon. This time we were going downstream, so we attempted to float as much of it as possible. Unfortunately it was only a few inches deep in some parts so we each have some serious scrapes and bruises. Not our smartest idea. We then headed to lunch at a little restaurant overlooking the beautiful Dead Sea. After a full day of trekking and exploring we were wiped. Nap time! Then, our final dinner as a whole group. To top it off we watched some Olympics. What is it about the Olympics that get me so choked up. Maybe it's the world unity, the spirit of competition, or something...I'm not sure. But I was getting all sorts of emotional watching it! So it wasn't the most epic of days, but I had a good time!

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