Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebrating Celinda

Happy Birthday to my friend and bunkmate, Celinda! Yes, this is definitely very delayed, but I'm trying to catch up on my posts. Celinda's birthday was actually like two weeks ago, but things have been a bit hectic around here. I'll tell you about the excellent day we had celebrating her birth...
First, we woke up super early and headed to some soccer fields over by the King Hussein Mosque. It is one of the few places in the city with grass (it was turf...but we aren't picky at this point). There, a group of us played ultimate Frisbee, one of Celinda's new favorite things to do. We were joined by some hoards of kids and ended up having an amazing time with our new friends. It was also nice to be there really early before it got too hot.
Next, we had some breakfast consisting of pancakes and the assorted toppings. After breakfast, I had to head to a meeting, but Celinda got to hang out with friends, go to the gym, and relax. That evening, we celebrated in the best way we could think of....chocolate. So there is this thing where Celinda loves chocolate more than the average person...WAY more! Our friends Heather and Josh were kind and creative enough to find a bunch of delicious treats and then dunk them in chocolate fondue. Josh also made an amazing German chocolate cake. It was fabulous! We feasted on excessive amounts of chocoalte (if that is even possible) and celebrated the birth of our good friend, Celinda. One thing that Celinda's family does for birthdays is have everyone in the family tell the birthday boy/girl things they like about them. In keeping the tradition alive, here is a list of things I love about Celinda. As one of the few people who actually reads my blog, I hope she appreciates the list!
Busmates on the way to Petra...we were trying to avoid photos
1. So nice....seriously. Celinda is one of THE nicest people I have ever met. She loves everybody, is a friend to all, and is always trying to be her best self.
2. Hard working. You can tell this girl was raised to do serious work. She never complains and is always willing to help. When we went out to the farm in Ajloun and were doing manual labor, she was totally in her element. The best part, though, is that she can flip the switch and be a total lady when necessary. It's a crazy combination of ruggedness and class. How does she do it!? The hard work also translates into school work and relationships. This girl is a genius AND has friends and family that love her.
3. Values. She is very level headed and very obedient. She only speaks highly of her family and the way she was raised. She is diligent in her service to others and dedication to God. Celinda has definitely been a great inspiration for me these past few months.
4. Hometown Pride. And I thought I loved Portland! Celinda is from Cokeville, WY (have you heard of it?) and is obsessed with it. She has great stories about growing up in a small town and being surrounded by family. I absolutely love it!
The story of us...chocoholics
5. She is amazing at Arabic. It has definitely gotten us out of a few jams and for that I am thankful!
6. All in all, I would just say that she is an amazing person. She brings out the best in others and has a very sweet heart. She is funny, beautiful, happy, righteous, obedient, and fun to be around. I could not have asked for a better roommate! Thanks so much for making this summer a good one. I hope that we can make it through these last two weeks without sweating to death in our room....I would be really sad if that happened.

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