Sunday, July 29, 2012

Adios Amigos

The end of an era
It really is the end of an era. The four musketeers/amigos/french fry eaters/nappers/adventurers have officially disbanded for the next few weeks. I have to say, I woke up this morning having a slight panic attack. What the heck are Rilee and I supposed to do in this country without the other half of our team? I think it calls for some cake batter cookies and chick flicks.
I have had a fabulous summer getting to know all three of them. The following is obviously a small list of the epic (and less epic) times we had here in Jordan:

  • Dead Sea. I think this was our first legitimate time hanging out as a team and bonding. We laid out a blanket on the middle of a paved road in front of the castle, huddled up because it got freezing, and tried to sleep despite Loren's chainsaw snoring. We talked until the morning call to prayer, ate some leftover carrot cake for breakfast, and then spent the whole next day trying to recover.
  • Farm in Ajloun. Yup, we had a few good long bus rides out to the farm and bonded over manual labor. We danced like fools around the fire and fell in love with goliat bandoora. We also dreamed up the awesome restaurant we are opening in Provo, called Ahmad and Ahmad's....I think Provo-ites will go nuts for falafal, pita, and hummus...not to mention sitting on the floor and eating mansaf with your hands.
  • Pretty much everyday of Jared bringing lunch to me and Rilee. He always knew exactly what we needed and when we needed it. He was definitely our knight in shining armor, so thank you! I will miss the spongy bread, falafal and hummus from Abu George's, and kiwi lime juice.
  • Napping. I feel like there were many naps involved in this friendship. There would be times we would just look at each other and know...sleepy time is going down,
We stressed. We argued. We yelled.  We laughed. We ate. We slept. We danced. We lived.

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