Next Adventure

Petra, Jordan

The next big adventure for me is afoot. After 10 riveting months here in Provo, UT, it has come time for me to run away again. I have been fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to participate in an academic internship partnering BYU with the Jordanian Government. I will be living in the capital city, Amman, until August and learning about social development and justice through public sector service. I will be living with a few fellow students in an apartment in the city and trying my best to keep off the pounds from all that shawarma and kebabs.
Jordan looks absolutely wonderful, though I'm sure I will be cursing it when it's 120 degrees and my skin begins melting off. Have I mentioned lately that I don't really do all that well in the heat? Funny...I'm moving from a desert to an even more extreme desert. I'm a glutton for punishment, I suppose. Anyway, I hope to keep you updated on the adventures, mishaps, culinary delights, and experiences of my first venture to the Middle East.