Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wadi Hasa

Safety gear=hot
The team!
This past weekend the whole team went on a pretty epic adventure. A few hours south of Amman is a place called Wadi Hasa (also called Wadi Zered). Its mentioned in the Old Testament a few times and sounds like a good place for people to pitch their tents back in the day. Sadly, no camping for us....BUT we did get a chance to go bouldering/swimming/jumping/crawling/climbing/etc. through the slot-like canyons in the valley. We slid down natural water slides, did a little cliff jumping, and waded through some pretty refreshing water. Despite only trekking three kilometers, the excursion took us the better part of the day. We were absolutely exhausted, soaked, and feeling completely blissful. After living in a place where water isn't readily available and it is so stinking hot, being able to splash about in the water was heavenly. Following our excursion, we needed some serious sustenance. Hamburgers? I think yes! Thanks to our guides, we found a burger place near the American embassy that really hit the spot. The Middle East is often overlooked as a place for tourists, but there is so much to do! We had an amazing day, some great adventures, and delicious food. It is very easy to navigate, everybody is so friendly, and the landscape is beautiful. I highly recommend it here:)

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