Monday, May 21, 2012


Wandering in Wust El-Balad (downtown)
Things run on a different time frame here in Jordan. Some call it Insha'Allah Time. Insha'Allah meaning “if it is God's will” or “God willing.” Basically, everything tends to be a bit behind schedule and meeting times are flexible. I rarely look at my watch anymore since no one else seems to abide by the structures of Western time to which I am accustomed. We were supposed to begin work almost a week ago, but with some shifting around with our employer and a few changes in scheduling, we are yet to begin. It's been a great chance for us to roam the city and discover new places, but we're getting a bit stir crazy. There are only so many directions from our apartment we can explore and only so many nights we can watch Disney movies in Arabic.
All the same, it feels a bit like summer vacation. A perpetual Saturday, of sorts. We didn't have to do anything today and nobody expects anything from us tomorrow....? So we can basically do whatever we want. I'm trying my best to appreciate it while I can, because I'm guessing this will never happen to me again. Maybe we'll have another day off tomorrow. Or maybe we will get to start work. Insha'Allah.

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