Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Blue Voyage

Butterfly Valley
Life's tough
After a few days in Fethiye of sunning my self, scooting around on a vespa, and perusing the local markets, I hopped on to a gulet. These boats are well known for their route along the southwestern coast of Turkey, entitled “The Blue Voyage.” The water in this area is so blue you can't even imagine it. The photos do not even come close to depicting how gorgeous it looks. This boat was paradise...let me tell you! For four days my routine consisted of the following:
  • Wake up
  • Dive off the boat for a refreshing morning swim. That'll wake you up!
  • Eat a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast with Nutella, and fresh veggies
  • Jump in the water again
  • Sail to visit ruins/seaside towns/deserted island
  • Lunch.....swim again
  • Read my book/nap
  • Watch the sunset
  • Dinner
  • Turkish dancing/more reading
  • Sleep
  • Repeat
Hiking to the top of St. Nicholas Island for sunset
I know, right? It really can't get much better than that. I am one lucky girl, that's for sure. Our crew was amazing and the other passengers on board were so great. We enjoyed eachother's company and really enjoyed the sunshine.  

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