Sunday, May 20, 2012


Yes, that is a gigantic malt ball
Josh eating's magical
I have not stopped eating for the last three days. I'm not even joking. It has been continual grazing at nonstop parties and gatherings. I thought we celebrated with food back in the States. But here, they take it to a whole different level. I cannot believe all the people here aren't morbidly obese. I have had lamb sandwiches, matluba (an amazing chicken and rice dish), kanafa, pita bread, hummus, yoghurt, pastries, fruit salad, birthday cake, and so much more. I've been to a birthday party, a program dinner, a woman's luncheon, and everything in between. One of the weirdest was a Sweets Expo held at a local hotel. We found an ad for it on a calendar about events going on in Amman. Expecting it to be super lame, we decided to just take a peek. It was a gathering of international vendors dishing out samples of ice cream, chocolates, pastries, candies, and chocolate milk. It was basically every kids dream come true. A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sort of excursion. I have never felt more in my element.
But at this point, I actually want to feel hungry right now...and yes, these are definitely first world problems that I'm complaining about. So that whole plan I had about coming home slim and tan. Definitely. Not. Happening. But that's okay, because I have been having so much fun! The festivities and feasting have been well worth it.

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