Saturday, August 18, 2012


I've been asked by a few people about the future of Safe Harbor. Of the three people actually interested a blog of my musings, two are my parents. That tells you how far reaching it is, ha! Anyway, I am hoping to keep it up. Just because my adventures in Jordan are over doesn't mean the quest to escape the safe harbor is, as well. I have school, a new job, a boy, and more travels.
There are many more adventures on the horizon. Some abroad, some domestic. There is a substantial possibility that I get to school, get stressed about my schoolwork, get back to socializing, and completely forget about the blog. The dream, however, is that I will still remember to post every so often. This is really more of a record for myself, but if you're following I appreciate it and hope to keep you posted.
Also, here's a great video that always gets me excited and inspired.
Until next time, stay excellent.

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