Monday, August 6, 2012


It is said that home is where the heart is. I couldn't agree more. I love traveling, I love my adventures, I love all kinds of crazy new experiences. But, my heart belongs in Portland and I will always want to come back.
The journey back was an epic one. After three weeks in Turkey and three months in Jordan it was time for me to return stateside. 30 hours, a generous body search, six movies, an interrogation, and three hours of sleep later I was back in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My mom picked me up from the airport which was a great reunion and then we headed to our cozy home, giant backyard, cupboards full of food, soft toilet paper, and my bed.
I showered without the fear of my water running out (oh and there was water pressure...awesome!) and then dove in to my mom's best meal...chicken enchiladas. After feeling quite satisfied, I laid on the couch for a few minutes in hopes of watching a movie, but faded fast. I brushed my teeth like a mad woman, stumbled to my room, and was asleep before the sun went down.
Twelve hours later, I was up and ready to face the day. That was seriously all I needed to recover. I have been completely coherent and adjusted (hopefully...) since. That day my mom ran some errands, I basked in the glory that is target, went for a run, napped, and then went to my favorite local barbecue restaurant. Let me tell you, that pulled pork sandwich was one of the best I've ever had. Another early night and then my mom and I were off on our next adventure...

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  1. honestly these are all things i'm SO looking forward to in just a few short days as well!! glad you made it safely and are enjoying home :)