Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today, I went to America. Actually, it’s true. By stepping foot onto Embassy grounds, I was officially on American soil. Weird, right? Some of the women from church invited us to join them at the embassy’s pool for an afternoon of relaxation. Yes, please!
After trying to find our way to the official entrance, we finally figured out what we were doing. We flashed our passports, made it through security, and were welcomed into a club like any other you would find in the States. The pool area was nice and we had a great time out in the sun. The best part, however, came when we ate dinner. Yes, this was a delicious barbecue burger. And, YES, there was bacon on it. I haven’t been craving pork products, to be honest, but they are so hard to find  here that this was definitely a treat. The food, company, and atmosphere made it feel like an average afternoon in the States. It was way fun, but I think I’m going to enjoy my Jordanian summer for the limited time I have left.

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