Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adventure Time

I had a massive adventure and don't even have photos to document it! I snagged this one from Rilee and it is crazy. The flash was so insanely bright that we all look really nuts. And this was at least our third attempt at a picture. Basically, it is an excellent indicator of how bizarre our adventure was. A few days ago a group of us were craving an adventure. Our friends, Steve and Gavin, needed to celebrate their last night in Jordan before heading back to Ireland. After gathering all the provisions we needed (swimsuits, sodas, and smores fixings) we piled in two cars and hit the road.
Sleeping on concrete? ALWAYS a good idea
It was insanely hot in the city and proceeded to get even hotter as we drove toward the Dead Sea. We were all sticky and sweaty by the time we parked on the beach. Clothes off, we jumped into the water. It was as refreshing as warm baby oil and salt can feel. We were bobbing along when we saw headlights approaching.
Uuuuhhhhh....yup....it was the Jordanian military. Apparently you aren't allowed to swim in the Dead Sea after dark. Whhhoooooops! When necessary, one can put on their clothes pretty quick. Within a few quick minutes we were out of there and on our way to our next stop. We drove up out of the valley and ended up at the gates of a castle in Mkawr. Barbecue and blankets out, we got started on the festivities. It even got cold while we were up there! I haven't felt chilly since I've been here, so it was refreshing.
We belted songs at the tops of our lungs, roasted marshmallows, and laughed hysterically at Loren's inhumanly loud snoring. We were still awake when the first call to prayer went off and watched the sun rise over beautiful olive groves and rolling hills. It has definitely been the highlight of my trip so far. We laughed. We feasted. We bonded. It was excellent.

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