Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weapons of Potato Destruction

There is something about firearms that just makes you feel powerful. 
No, that is not pointed at my head...
we laugh in the face of danger
And there is something about watching your man hold a firearm
that doubles his attractiveness. 
For Labor Day a group of us thought it would be great to celebrate by letting off some steam. We drove up the canyon and had a festive picnic involving salsa, sandwiches, and lemonade in the woods. Sufficiently full, we headed further up the canyon to a shooting range. And the thrill of danger began. I was a bit scared, but really it wasn't so bad. I only shot some smaller guns (I was told they were .22 caliber...whatever that means). I got my thrill with those, but chose to leave the bigger guns to the boys. It actually takes physical strength to shoot these things! Some of them are heavy and the kick back can be something fierce. 
Micah enjoyed shooting at potatoes, pop cans, and plates. But poor boy got a sunburn. Man, he's pale. It did feel a bit strange being a human rights activist and opposing violent conflict while shooting some guns, but I guess that's the beauty of choice and individuality, right?

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